Pre-Workout Supplements Are More Effective With Arginine Or Citrulline?


The supplementary industry is developing at a rapid pace these days. Each company is trying to outdo its competitors by coming up with more effective and strong pre-workout formulations. There are two famous compounds that companies utilize which are arginine and citrulline.

Arginine Pre-Workout

It is an amino acid considered by many experts as essential due to its properties. It may or may not be supplemented externally depending on your development and health status. For example pre-term infants lack the mechanism to produce it internally and as such require an exogenous source. This compound can be found naturally in many types of food we eat e.g. seafood, meat and in seeds and nuts. It can also be administered orally as a supplement. However, it has one great disadvantage; it is subject to systematic elimination from bacteria in the stomach and the arginase enzyme in the liver and gut. Therefore a small percentage is utilized by nitric oxide sythase enzyme to produce nitric oxide.

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